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Learn HTML5 and JavaScript for Android (Learn Apress)

Learn HTML5 and JavaScript for Android (Learn Apress)

  • Paperback: 386 pages
  • Publisher: Apress; 1 edition (August 1, 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1430243473
  • ISBN-13: 978-1430243472


The Web Designer’s Guide to iOS Apps: Create iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad apps with Web Standards (HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript)

The Web Designer's Guide to iOS Apps_Create iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad apps with Web Standards (HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript)

Author:Kristofer Layon
Publisher:New Riders Press; 1 edition (December 12, 2010)
Page: 288
Size: 6.48 MB


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Programming the Mobile Web

Programming the Mobile Web

Author:Maximiliano Firtman
Publisher:O'Reilly Media; 1 edition (August 3, 2010)
Page:512 pages
Size:  6.46 MB


JavaScript Cookbook (Oreilly Cookbooks)

JavaScript Cookbook (Oreilly Cookbooks)

Author:Shelley Powers
Publisher:O'Reilly Media; 1 edition (July 19, 2010)
Page:560 pages
Size:  6.67 MB